redbookcover.gif (13955 bytes) Readings in Database Systems, 3rd Edition

Stonebraker & Hellerstein, eds.


The material in these lectures was garnered from many sources, including classes I have attended and material that was made available to me.  Particular thanks to Mike Stonebraker at Berkeley for providing his CS286 lecture notes, Jeff Naughton at Wisconsin for his CS764 lecture notes, Jeff Sidell for his Mariposa slides,  Remzi and Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau for their sorting slides, and Kim Keeton for her IDISK slides.  I also adapted material from previous guest-lecturers in Berkeley's CS286 course, including Jim Gray of Microsoft, C. Mohan of IBM Almaden, Mike Carey of IBM Almaden (and formerly of Wisconsin).

Thanks to all who helped out.


-- Joe Hellerstein

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