redbookcover.gif (13955 bytes) Readings in Database Systems, 3rd Edition

Stonebraker & Hellerstein, eds.

Lecture Notes


Motivation and History

Chapter 1: The Roots

The Roots

Chapter 2: Relational Implementation Techniques

OS Interface
Access Methods: B-Trees, R-Trees and GiSTs
Query Processing
Buffer Management
Query Optimization and Rewrite

Chapter 3: Transaction Management

Concurrency Control I
Concurrency Control II
Concurrency Control III: Locking vs. Optimistic
Tree Locking Protocols
Intro to Recovery
POSTGRES Storage System

Chapter 4: Distributed DBMS

Distributed DBs: Overview and Concurrency Control
Distributed Xacts and Replication

Chapter 5: Parallel DBMS

Parallel DBMS, Database Machines, and Gamma
Parallel Sorting (Guest Lecturers: Andrea and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau)
Database Machines, Parallel DBs and Gamma
IDISK (Guest Lecturer: Kim Keeton)

Chapter 6: Objects in Databases

Object-Relational DBMS
Object-Oriented DBMS

Chapter 7: Decision Support and Data Analysis

Data Warehousing, Decision-Support & OLAP
Data Mining

Chapter 8: Benchmarking

Benchmarking Overview

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